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alanjm 06-16-2009 04:40 PM

TeenPup 2009- Desktop/Pinboard settings not "sticking"
I had successfully installed Teen Pup 2009 on two PCs, running extremely awesome even on an elderly HP Pavilion.

However, a reboot yields the following on both machines:

The toolbar (panel) and Karamba go right back to the default positions after moving them prior to the reboot and the tool tips come back up even if the checkbox is unchecked to show at boot up- any ideas?

I move the toolbar/panel to the top and Karamba widget to the extreme right of the screen, reboot/restart and the toolbar/panel goes back to the bottom of the display and Karamba more in the middle-right (the original settings).

All other icons, etc are showing fine and do not move from where I had put them.

I see no "save settings" option anywhere.

- Alan
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