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tuskotheelephant 01-15-2013 03:32 PM

Removing preinstalled applications in full install puppy
Precise Puppy 5.4
Full install to sda2 (hd0,1)

ok so i dont need alot of the things that come with puppy. as of right now i dont have the knowledge needed to build my own version. so i want to know how to remove the preinstalled applications from puppy.

this would include things like the games and the internet telephone thing

i have heard of something called pupbegone that i couldnt find

but in short i dont want to uninstall the applications that i installed, i want to uninstall the ones that came with the distro.

and i know i could go and delete the files myslef but i dont know enough about whats used for what to be comfortable doing this, so basically im asking if there is a utility that will do this for me. like i said i heard of pupbegone but couldnt find it

rokytnji 01-15-2013 05:31 PM

search and install mlocate pet version I posted. Use


after .pet install to build location of files in a library.



locate <name of game goes here>
It will list a list of files like so, (I am in AntiX right now)


$ locate gnome-ppp

This readout gives you the list of files you can remove and their locations in Puppy Linux using the mlocate .pet.

or read up on

pay attention to

and everything else on down.

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