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darinbolson 09-26-2006 10:42 PM

puppy w/ pupgets HD install still all in RAM?
Just wondering about a hard drive install of puppy. With the HD install, I would be very tempted to download just about any programs that are available to it. I am wondering, If I do this, will puppy still try to load totally into RAM? I have 512 in ram, and like the speed I get out of puppy. Just worried that extra packages will slow it down considerably if they all get loaded in ram at bootup.

GuestToo 09-27-2006 03:16 PM

no, all the files of any programs you install will be on the drive where they were installed, and those files will not be touched at all, unless you actually use the file

if you remaster the cd or dvd with added programs, then those programs will be in ram, if you run Puppy from the cd or a frugal install

darinbolson 09-28-2006 12:29 PM

Thank you. I suppose for optimal speed, I should remaster it with the programs that I KNOW I will be using, then install to HD, and add seldom used programs after that.

marksouth2000 09-30-2006 04:52 PM

Puppy only tries to run in RAM if you do an Option 1 (Coexist, Frugal, or Poor Man's) HD install. If you do an Option 2 install it runs like a normal system, loading stuff from disk as necessary. So there is no problem with how much stuff you install.

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