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Chasman 08-18-2006 03:54 PM

Puppy on USB Jumpdrive
Just wanted to say how great Puppy works on my Lexar Jumpdrive. I used the tools on the live CD to set it up and now I run it at work so I can brouse the net without leaving a lot of tracks.
We have HP terminals with embeded XP at work. We have an intranet as well as access to the internet. Used to be, to sneek on the web you had to sign on to the intranet (to access IE on the server) and then clear your tracks as best as you could when you were done.

Now I use the buisness gateway and DNS and don't have to access the company intranet. I gave my Jumpdrive the address of a little used terminal down the hall so it looks like all DNS requests are coming from another machine.

Now I can save bookmarks and other stuff on the Jumpdrive and use it whenever I have some time to kill. I can even print to the network printers.

<B> Thanks Puppy </B> :Pengy:

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