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richardvk1rj 06-20-2009 10:10 PM

Puppy on a SD-Card (Change of Programs)
Hello everyone ,

I have installed Puppy on a SD-card and inserted same into my eeePC. It boots well ... using the current version gives me a worthwhile alternative for the inbuilt Xandros.

However, I was not able to use my wifi card (old 701 model eeePC) and I did want to install my favourites ... sylpheed and skipstone.

When I went to make changes to my sd-install ... everything seemed to go normally ... but when I rebooted everything went back to standard. Is there a way to make this happen ... or must i make a new iso ... with all my wanted programs in it before doing a sd-card install?

Alternatively, has anyone made up a puppylinux with these programs substituted for the standard fare? I can't understand why people must have thunderbird et al.


linus72 06-20-2009 10:36 PM

Which puppy are you using?

Simplicity Netbook904 (non-beta) may be good for that.
( ) 90mb

other good ones are Macpup-Opera and gallipup412rev

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