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gargamel 12-31-2007 02:26 PM

Puppy in other languages: Muppy/Mini-Sys Linux? Other solutions?
I've just discovered Puppy, and like it a lot!

Only thing I am missing is a German translation. Is it possible to localize Puppy, somehow?

I found that there is a project "Mini-Sys Linux" (or so) with a "codename" of "Muppy." Has anyone tried it? Is it an "official" sibling of Puppy? I am asking, because the first thing I noticed is that it is significantly bigger than the original Puppy distro.

Thanks, and all the best for 2008!


Caballero del norte 01-05-2008 11:28 PM

Localising Puppy
Contact Barry Kauler, the head Puppy-raiser, about this. <> I imagine he'd be happy to give you a few starting hints on this, but it seems that you are facing a very large project even if you translate ONLY the documentation.

I consider Puppy to be one of the often-overlooked gems in the Linux treasure chest. I'm happy you discovered it.

gargamel 01-07-2008 04:58 PM


I agree, Puppy is a jewel. I does a few things differently from what I am used (mostly KDE), but I found everything quickly and intuitively. So it is fast and makes me productive.

And the hardware detection works just fine. That's, BTW, one reason why I asked about Muppy/Minisys: It provides a translated desktop (German), but freezes on my laptop, while the original Puppy runs just fine on it.


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