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bman22 08-05-2007 03:04 PM

Puppy desktop
Is there a way to copy over the overall appearence from SuSe 10.2 and put them on puppy to make it look like SuSe?

jimmy512 08-06-2007 09:55 AM

You cant copy it over, but you can install the same window manager and then customize the way it looks so it looks like suse. Install the KDE (I think SUSE uses KDE) package, and then download the suse themes, icons and backgrounds (try googling them - as I am not sure where to get them from). These will then need to be installed (check the kde help). You should then be able to use these themes in the configuration and change the appearance.

Sorry if I sound a bit vauge. I don't really use kde.

bman22 08-07-2007 10:58 PM

I use the GNOME Desktop, but thanks for the help!

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