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ubume2 07-08-2008 12:18 PM

printer doesn t print HP F4135
I am new to Puppy. I have installed Puppy 4. I am also a user of Ubuntu, and my HP F4135 All in One worked "out of the box" with Ubuntu.

I have installed hpijs-2.8.6 with no luck. I used the CUPS printer wizard also.

In /etc/cups/ppd/CUPS-pdf.ppd my 4135 is listed.

In my USB devices(System>USBview) the printer is listed.

Before I made changes it would print my text file to a pdf file, not to the printer. With the cups wizard that stopped, but printer only would output blank pages.

Help appreciated so I can get this fast & nifty OS fully functional.

EDIT:Solved. After using the cups wizard I accidentally uninstalled cups. I finally restored cups with a download from iblio. Anyway, it prints now. Now to check for scanning. thanks for the potential help.

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