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volt220 08-25-2013 02:48 AM

Possible to install from an USB?
I thought I would have a sneek peek on Puppy Linux today. I happily downloaded the image and tried to create a bootable usb stick. Followed the same scenario as I did when I tried Lubuntu, but no... I got a surprise!
It looks like it's not possible to use the "startup disk creator" in Ubuntu.

So here I stand, haven't used my dvd drive for almost four years, it's even not assembled on my stationary computer, non of my laptops have a dvd either.

I think my curiosity runs out in the empty space...

Anyone knows if there is an easy way to create a installer on a usb stick (without to first burn a dvd)?

If someone in the puppy team reads this, I hope you take this as an feedback. Easy to try will hopefully get more users. Would be nice with the same functionality as Ubuntu/Lubuntu have, "run from usb stick without the need to make an installation".


GlennsPref 08-25-2013 03:03 AM

Hi, you'll need root access to do this, su or sudo...

to write an iso to disk, do

dd if=<absolute path name>.iso of=/dev/sd(x)

where (x)=your device name eg: /dev/sdb;/dev/sdc....etc
Not sda(, unless you want to write over your primary drive).

Try that from a cli.

you may read more about this here.

273 08-25-2013 03:22 AM

I seem to recall I have used unetbootin to create a bootable Puppy USB in the past though the dd method above should work fine.

volt220 09-03-2013 11:48 PM

Thanks! I tried unetbootin and I created a bootable USB drive successful (both Slacko 5.6 and Lucid 5.2.8).
However, the computer an Acer Aspire One did not won't to boot, I only got a black screen with a blinking cursor :(
Tried the USB drive on another computer and it could run puppy successful.

Let see if I have the curiosity to continue an another day :)
(At least I have read about people that run puppy on an Aspire one.)

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