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vrbo 10-19-2010 02:00 PM

Newbie need help! Puppy on Dell Inspiron 8000 (X )
1st - i'm new to linux
I got old notebook Dell Inspiron 8000 and I would like to try puppy linux (latest version).

Dell Inspiron 8000
PIII-700 MHz
256 RAM
ATI M4 16 MB
10 GB HDD (without OS - blank with fat partition)

Notebook works normal with win 2000.

When I start puppy from cd the last thing I see is "This script will run X window for you" -> after this message, there is only black screen.

Thank you for your help ....

ionrivera 10-20-2010 03:21 AM

welcome to linux!

step by step booting of puppy goes like this:

step1: loading drivers, kernel modules, configuring network services, etc..
step2: puppy splash screen with boot options
step3,4,5: select keyboard layout, country setups, timezone

I believe you got stuck on configuring Xserver, monitor and video setting..

Note that it is important to provide the proper configuration settings while configuring Xserver otherwise you will not boot properly.

step6: "Welcome to the Puppy Video Wizard"(Xorg or Xvesa)
press enter for <Xorg>
step7: If automatic probing of your monitor was unsuccessful, choose the appropriate setup..
e.g. LCD for laptops CRT for normal monitors with resolutions like 1024X768 or better yet, provide the resolution that you use when loading your Dell Inspiron on your win 2000 setup...
Dont forget to press <TEST> first to verify if that resolution will work before pressing <OK>. If test fails then try another mode from the list until it succeeds.

If problem still occurs, you can also try using <Xvesa> on step6

If all goes well then you will see the puppy desktop on the screen!
Enjoy! ;)

vrbo 10-20-2010 07:27 AM

Thank you for your message ionrivera...

Black screen is shown after step1, so I don't see puppy splash screen with boot options (step 2).
I have tried live CD on other PC and Puppy load there without problems (CD media is ok!).
Puppy loads on dell only with options “no x”.
Is there a way to install puppy to hard drive in terminal mode or run from live CD with options for x?

Wu2wei 11-16-2010 03:50 AM

The old ATI graphics is the most likely culprit.
The newest Puppy probably doesn't have a driver for it.

IMO there are three good approaches:

1. Look for the ATI graphics in this Puppy search engine
you might find drivers or answers.

2. Check out some of these older Puppies that you can find on this webpage
under the heading "ältere Puppy Downloads"
Especially 421 (either kernel) and 431 would be my first try.

3. Try Puppy 214X RC5 from here
half way down the page under "Latest version RC5"

Much success

spongedaddy 12-07-2010 02:30 PM

Hi vrbo,

I have had great success with 4.3.1 and 4.2.1 (wasn't too crazy about 5.0 from the start). 4.3.1 required some tweaking (still no sound) but 4.2.1 worked on my old HP laptop right away with no problems.


brmccarty 01-06-2011 07:56 PM

The only version I have used is 4.3.1. So far it has worked on every computer I have tried it on. A couple the sound or wireless didn't work, but the computers started up and ran.

pishta68 10-05-2012 10:32 PM

Good luck, brother. I have tried many flavors of Linux and Puppy is the only one that works right off the disk. Ubuntu gave me a horrible split screen monitor refresh rate mismatch, but puppy using Xvesa works great. Dont use Xorg (maybe use R128 driver but I only had it work once and I dont remember what variable I used), Xvesa will prompt you with a resolution choice off a working screen, 1400X1050 works well or whatever your screen will support maybe up to 1600X1200. Do the frugal install, full install never worked for me even if I wiped the hard disk to an EXT4 file system? Im still trying to tweak the Xorg video update program but whenever I try it, it locks up the mouse and keyboard and I have to do a hard power cycle to recover. So Im living with the xvesa 1400X1050. I got a big problem, my down arrow key doesnt seem to work so the boot options in LILO or GRUB so I had to remaster the GRUB menu so the saved boot profile is on top. Also Ubuntu asked for the keyboard layout and had Dell 8000 listed but I cant find any of that in Puppy. Anyone?

Drakeo 10-05-2012 10:48 PM

all the puppys will work on your system . that said i would look at the 4.0 series. if going to the 4.0 series remember to make a swap partition. I got slacko puppy to run on my 400 mhz machine 92 bm ram but hey this is way slow. If you want to use the newer one remember it has bigger programs like flash that will bring your computer to a halt.

Tip use the oldest to set up your hard drive second copy the folders from the new to the hard drive set up the grub.
and then boot the cd. after you get it running make a remaster and create
this will allow you to free up some ram ok good luck

Karl Godt 10-12-2012 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by vrbo (Post 4133445)
Puppy loads on dell only with options “no x”.

then you would need to run the

by typing it into the commandline .
'xorgwizard' should be in the default PATH and likely starts also without the '/usr/sbin/' prefix .

NOTE for others : It is the "pfix=nox" option [ without spaces ] .

The direct to X of "today's Puppies versions 5.X" is implemented in two different ways :

1) The playdays's way of Lupu-5.x "Ubuntu-Lucid Xorg-server version 1.7.x"
2) The B.K.'s way of "Xorg-server version 1.11.x"

Since Wary-5 is """for older hardware""" because of having Xorg-server-1.3.0
it might work also if Puppy-4 Series would initialize Xorg on that hardware .

Puppy-5 has dropped to ship with the Xvesa server .
Dunno exactly about Wary-5, but Racy-5 does not have it included by default .

NOTE : Do not confuse the < Xvesa > -server with the " < Xorg > -server < vesa > -driver " .

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