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DarinB 08-19-2010 06:02 AM

newbie help installing pet package
I am a total newbie,
I am running puppy on an old laptop.
I want to add .pet thunderbird, I seem to have added it but when i go the menu and click it nothing happens....although all i did was go to ppm and click it then some windows opened but i just closed them.
is there a step by step procedure that i have to do?
I does not seem as easy as just click apply in synaptic????
thanks for the help ...
also where will i find the config files so i can add the preference.jps and the addressbook.mob from my Linux Mint 9 main pc.

8-bit 08-20-2010 01:43 AM

Although you fail to mention what version of Puppy you are using, If you are installing using the Puppy Package Manager, those windows that open are trying to use pget to download the requested application.
If you close the window, you same as cancel the download.
So just let it do it's thing and it will install the selected package and update the menus.
If you instead download a Pet package, click on it to install it.

Wu2wei 09-03-2010 02:49 PM

Thunderbird can be installed in most Puppies without the package manager.

Get the Thunderbird.tar.gz from the Mozilla site, double click on it and unpack it to /usr/lib.
Drag the thunderbird executable from /usr/lib/thunderbird to the desktop and start TB by clicking on that icon. TB will then establish /root/.thunderbird.
You might now setup your email accounts from scratch, or...

copy the content of the profile folder from another installation of TB into the profile folder at /root/.thunderbird, or...

in /root/.thunderbird symlink to the profile folder on another partition/OS. In that case you need to change profile.ini to adress the correct name of the symlinked file.

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