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marcelharrice 04-29-2011 01:42 AM

Networking to a Widows Vista PC
On my Win Vista PC I have a frugal install of LucidPuppy 525, which works very nicely with Grub bootloader.
My Puppy connects to the Internet (using ndiswrapper), via a Netcomm USB dongle on my PC, direct to my Optus wireless router.
A printer is connected by cable to another WinVista machine (call it m/c A). My WinVista (m/c B) is networked to m/c A, so I can print from WinVista m/c B to the printer on M/c A.
How can I network my Puppy on mc/B to Vista m/c A, so that I can print?

camorri 04-29-2011 09:49 AM

You will need to install cups on the linux system. You will need a print driver for the printer. You did not state what printer, make model, etc. To find out if the printer is supported in linux, go here --> Look in the database for the make and model you have. Install the print driver.

In cups, add a remote printer. To access cups, from a web browser, enter, http://localhost:631 to connect to cups. Add the printer with the driver you installed.

The vista system has to have the printer shared, it is now since you can print from your sys A. Beyond that, you can not use 'homegropup' Simply put, it will not work with linux. You have to set up windows sharing on vista as you would have on an XP system. That will work. There are a ton of hits if you google 'homegroup' and linux.

That is the short version. Post any specific questions you may have, with as much detail as you know.

marcelharrice 04-30-2011 12:23 AM

Thanks Cliff. I'll try your suggestion.

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