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Gary Lord 09-05-2009 09:07 PM

Missing Padlock in 4.2.1 Seamonkey 1.1.15
I have been trying to update from Puppy 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 and have had only 2 minor problems. The padlock that shows you are on a secure connection seems to be missing in the Puppy 4.2.1 Seamonkey 1.1.15 software. I have spent the best part of a day digging through the various menus and tool boxes to get the icon to appear on the screen with no luck. Does anybody know where to turn-on this function ? Second problem is the software will not completely shutdown my pc at power off. Any help greatly appreciated.

8-bit 09-05-2009 11:06 PM

Ok. As far as the padlock, I would almost bet it is hidden under the widgets. To verify that, just go to Desktop PWigits on the menu and remove all the wigits and click apply.
After, if you see your lock icon, move it away from the wigit area.

As to the shutdown problem, add a parameter to your menu.lst of acpi=force and your computer should power off when you select shutdown from the submenu.

PS: Opps did not comprehend your meaning on the padlock. I thought you meant the desktop locking padlock.

8-bit 09-05-2009 11:07 PM

As to the shutdown problem, add a parameter to your menu.lst of acpi=force and your computer should power off when you select shutdown from the submenu.

Gary Lord 09-06-2009 04:38 PM

Thanks 8-bit. I will give the power down fix a try today. Sorry about the confusion about the word "padlock", I did indeed mean the padlock that shows up in the lower right hand corner of seamonkey to indicate that you have a secure connection. The copy of Puppy 4.2.1 that I have has version 1.1.15 compiled with "retro version" kernal to run on my older systems. This seamonkey version has the "monkey menu" icon in it. I have no idea why this version does not indicate a secure connection. It does show you that your "on-line" or "off-line" with a small icon of the world. It's whole if your "on-line" and split in-half if your "off-line". I should also note that the appearance of seamonkey seems to be stuck in the "modern" theme as I have tried to change it back to the "classic" look several times with no luck. The software does function with my dial-up modem. It may be that this is beta version and I should wait until the next release. I would rather have the "secure connection" indicator of the older 4.1.2 software then the Pwigets fluff of the newer 4.2.1 version. If you can think of anything that I may have missed in getting this icon back on seamonkey please let me know. Thanks again ! Thumbs up!

8-bit 09-07-2009 10:15 AM

I have upgraded SeaMonkey in Puppy 421 to version 1.1.18 and I have a security padlock showing on the bottom right of the screen. That version supports NoScript, but not AdBlock+.
It took some doing to get my Desktop icon to start it instead of my old version. I downloaded and installed the new version from the SeaMonkey web site.

Gary Lord 09-07-2009 04:28 PM

Thanks again 8-bit ! I went to the Seamonkey website right after my last posting and found that version 1.1.15 had security problems. That was the last thing I wanted ! I will experiment with version 1.1.18 this evening. I was under the impression that to make a major change like that, you would have to recompile everything from scratch. Since I don't have the source code or a "C+" compiler I thought I was at a dead end. Perhaps I was overly pessimistic about the situation. Anyhow I will give it a try this evening and see if it will work. Thanks for the feedback on this ! It has been very helpful and encouraging ! Enjoy what is left of the Labor Day weekend ! Thanks again !! Thumbs up !!

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