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chilibowl 11-15-2012 04:07 PM

LUCID 5.28 on a Vintage Tower /CDRwriter not working-----
:scratch:hello Fellow Linux Users/Abusers---- Iam using PUPPY 5.28 "lucid" after a 1.5 year period of using venerable RedHat 7.3

My main application of my Tower/desktop is CD writing. Specs are EPOX 3VAC-2 MOBO (appollopro133chipset) I KNOW ,ITS OLD!!!!!! 386MB RAM 20 GIG Maxtor IDE Hdrive Hitachi GD-2500 DVDROM IOMEGA CD-RW ZIPCD1024INT-A ,MATROX VIDEO CARD , 400 watt POWER SUPPLY.

PUPPY is installed on my sda1 (Hdrive).

It all seems to behave well with this Compact Distribution "PUPPY" ,However when using P-BURN (the Default CD/DVD writing app), I get Error messages about "Illegal Request- cannot use RAW mode "such & such" .

I try to reset the Preferences ,but no luck. I never had this problem with X-CDROAST ,under RedHat 7.3 Could it be my cDRWiter is too old for this distro??????

regards ,chilibowl

markush 11-20-2012 04:20 PM


could you please post the output of

lspci -k

uname -r

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