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jonyo 11-25-2011 03:50 PM

it IS absolutely disrespectful
if the mods are ok with a few comments on this..

@all: Please remember that you all are guests in this place. Puppy has its space here and as such incessant talk of other fora, and the type of bickering that seems to go on in particularly this sub-forum, seems quite disrespectful towards the person that granted you this space and doesn't help maintain a friendly atmosphere around here.

So please post in a respectful, constructive and helpful way or else keep yourself from posting.
i fully support the above comments but wouldn't be surprised if at some point a decision had to be made, to withdraw the generous offer

but, we shall see, i certainly am not interested in any further well known puppytude, that typically manifests as a norm, in endless free for alls, at best

it also clearly reflects how puppy is perceived or welcome by lq, rather than any other individual opinion(s) from a poster,

my own experiences here have been for the most part great, and imo the pup support provided by these forums, or even how it is run is fabulous,

the numbers involved (members) along with the variety also speaks volumes, as well as giving noobs, an overall linux perspective that is mostly not there in other distro specific forums

XavierP 11-27-2011 06:52 AM

That thread turned into mindless bickering. It is not conducive to the atmosphere at LQ when that happens. And if you have an issue with a moderator's decision making you should take it up with that moderator or Jeremy offline.

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