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gatewaysolo9100 12-27-2006 09:20 PM

Installation on hard drive-Puppy linux
Hi all, I have a few questions.
What is the minimum hard drive installation for puppy? I got a 2gig hard drive with 100mb of free space. Also, what is a good iso burning program(free), my external iomega zipcd hotburn software won't do it correctly.

On the instalation, I want to duo-boot with Windows 98SE with the following specifacations:
Model- Gateway Solo 9100 with 13.3in lcd(laptop)
200MHz Pentium(1) MMX
96Mb of ram
2GB hard drive
24X DVD-ROM drive
Windows 98SE
4MB of Video memory

How much free space do I need to install and can someone give me directions on how to install.

TB0ne 12-28-2006 01:52 PM

From the puppy linux website, it says between 50-70 MB. Please check their documentation and FAQ first.

Also, with a 2 GB hard drive, I doubt you'd be able to fit Windows on it, along with much else. KDE has a nice program called k3b, for CD burning, but I'm not sure if Puppy has KDE as part of it.

cdrecord should work from the command-line, though. If it was me, I'd suggest a better laptop. 200MhZ, 96MB of RAM, and 2GB of disk is pretty thin, no matter what you're running.

nightshade_1977 12-28-2006 02:04 PM

this info is available on

as for install help you should be able to cut out your partition and install
I'm not a puppy user but if it is like any other distro I've tried it will install a bootloader that will let you choose puppy or windoze but there is a puppy forum you can get to from there site that may be of more help

darinbolson 12-29-2006 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by TB0ne
... with a 2 GB hard drive, I doubt you'd be able to fit Windows on it, along with much else.....

windows fundamentals for legacy pc's, or winflp, which is a version of xp pro designed for older computers (min 64MB ram) can be installed on well under 1GB, as long as you customize the install to get rid of all the fluff.

As for the rest, yes, puppy will install grub 1.5 and automatically detect your windows partitions (it will detect ALL of them and give you boot options for them even if there is no operating system on them--so you might want to open your menu.lst file to remove some)

And as for a free burning program, I have found very few problems with alex feinman's ISORecorder, even though people have told me not to use it. Works fine for me.

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