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SkrillyTux 10-13-2013 11:21 AM

Install BrowserLinux on a USB on a PC with LOW RAM
OK, so my computer broke and we can't afford a new one for now(or repair it) and our neighbours gave us their old PC with 256MB RAM and an AMD processor with 800MHz. I can't install ANYTHING(I'm not allowed from my parents for "safety measures" on the HDD and the Windows XP that used to live here is dead, so now I'm using Slacko Puppy (live version running from my USB Flash), but it's lagging at basic tasks (like browsing the net) and I want to replace it with BrowserLInux on my second flashdrive. Problem is, that on this amount of RAM, everything barely runs and I can't run any "heavy" programs like Unetbootin on Puppy, so if anyone can post a ZIP file containing a live version of BrowserLInux that I can just extract and copy to my flash, because copying is the only non-lagging thing I can do, I will be very happy. :) Or if anyone has a better idea or alternative, it will be great! So far I tried DSL, Puppy, Crunchbang(can't boot from menu), Elementary(can't boot from menu), LUuu(can't boot from menu), Knoppix(very slow). I'm sort of Linux-noob, so plain English please! :D Thanks in advance!

yooy 10-14-2013 07:34 PM

hmm, don't know where you live but here in europe you can get such pc for free, there may be some sites with people who donate computers at your area.

hope you get the job soon, meanwhile you can try slitaz, somehow similar to puppy.

thyvon 12-10-2013 05:35 PM

alternatif maybe

As i tinker with those old lap- and desktops i discovered that Porteus linux has like Puppy a wide ability to shrink or expand its possibilities. see for hardware this link
BTW by the way
If yo have difficulty with booting from USB you could use
Plop Boot Manager which can boot from floppy and will enable
you booting an OS-distro from usb, cdrom or harddisk.
worked great for me

rokytnji 12-10-2013 06:34 PM

Just a 3rd option. Other poster in this thread has about the same ram specs.


Wow, GuyDog runs much better on my old Thinkpad X24 (256M RAM) than the Lupu 5.1 I had been using, even with GuyDog's better features (Openbox, tint2, wbar). I used to have to scale videos down and use smaller formats to get them to play smoothly, and my processor was frequently maxed out by other programs. But that's rarely the case with GuyDog and I can even play videos full screen no problem. A big thank you to Iguleder.

Scroll through the thread to find the iso link, and, just read I guess.

You can do the same above with browser linux your self also. No need for someone to supply files. Use your


I'm using Slacko Puppy (live version running from my USB Flash),
to do the steps in my above link.

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