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jonyo 11-28-2011 10:00 PM

having a look at TEENpup2010minibeta
anyone else interested pls chime in, it's about a 344mb d/load and easy google

just about set to go and will report, looked at it years ago and..

pretty much all i know about it is that it was a more full featured pup (like a ~ cd sized iso) and the same dev has been at it for years,

afaik, it is also still active and i think at one point right up there at DW,

8-bit 12-02-2011 03:14 AM

I remember downloading the original teenpup and it was very full featured with many utilities for devices a teen would have and use.
Later, a teenpup 2 was being made and it did not seem to have as much in it as the first one.
I do not know if it is still being developed or supported as I lost track of both it and the downloaded ISOs I had.
Just looked and I still have the teenpup 2010 ISO. I will have to do another manual frugal install and see what I forgot.
I do not know if there is still a release announcement floating around that would give you an idea of what it contains.

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