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starkadder 12-07-2011 03:54 PM

.cbr reader (e.g. Comix)
I'm using the excellent "Slacko" and everything works perfectly except for one thing.
I downloaded Comix and Python2.5 as instructed on the puppy forums but the GUI menu entry produces nothing and trying the console produces this:
# comix
env: can't execute 'python': No such file or directory

Python2.5 is in /usr/local/bin

I'm a bit confused the Puppy dependency check claims that all is correct but I don't trust it.
Has anyone else out there tried comix?

Karl Godt 12-08-2011 10:41 PM

env: looks like a shell problem .
Maybe /etc/profile did not get adjusted correctly .
/usr/local/ for python may not be correct , too .. should be in /usr i think .
Maybe needs a symlink ln -s python2.5 /usr/[local]/bin/python .
Python is tricky on Puppy especially seems not to like
Debian /usr/share/pyshared directory . /usr/lib/python[2.X]/site-packages/ might be the right folder for files .
I also prefer traditional full installations on new HDs with P4+ . Don't rape your HW with too new kernels . Also use ext3 or 4fs .
Maybe use a new save-file or fsck the save-file .

Many many things i could think of , also python2.5 is maybe too old ..

Not tried comix ever .

starkadder 12-11-2011 01:47 PM

Thank you,
My apologies for the delay in replying, the start of winter is a busy time for those of us in the hills.
Your reply is very detailed and I may need some time to digest it (I've been using Linux for some years but I'm by no means competent). I assumed that Slacko would put Python where it should go as it and comix was downloaded as a .pet and installed by the system. I don't want to risk upsetting my nicely configured OS by shifting things about so I'll initially try with a Lighthouse Puppy installation on another PC, if I get no sense from that I'll install Slacko on it and plunge in.
Thanks again.

8-bit 12-11-2011 11:16 PM

If when you installed Slacko to your hard drive you did a frugal install, just back up your slackosave file to another form of media as a backup. You can copy it to another location or use the excellent backup utility made by 2byte.
It is called Hot Backup for Frugal Pups and can be found at
It makes its backups in the filename form of [pupsavename.2(3)fs]BAK[date and time]. That is good in that you can selectively restore a backup by date and time by copying it over to your frugal install directory and renaming it can be as simple as adding a 2(3)fs extension to the filename.
As to the problem with Python, it really depends on how much feedback the application comix gives you when run from a terminal in trying to find out why it will not run.
You might try making a system link to python in /usr/bin. Sometimes a program is written to look in a specific directory for supporting files and looks no further.
In that case, it is not Puppy giving the problem, but poor code in the program that does not give the needed feedback for errors.

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