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jim simon 10-09-2007 08:45 AM

Can't boot my puppy3
To Marksouth2000

I have just read your post on 01-22-07, 02:44 PM where you say:

"I almost tore my hair out the last time I tried to get Windows to run on a Compaq desktop - it required a lot of mutually incompatible drivers and I never succeeded."

So I guess I'll just have give up on Puppy since I have a CompaQ Presario Laptop 1200US. I just posted "Can't boot my puppy3" yesterday (see below). I have only about 2.3GB free space on C drive and 2.53GB free space on D drive and I thought Puppy would have been perfect for my computer since I have 316MB of Ram and 800MHz Intel Celeron processor.

Considering your hair pulling experience with CompaQ, what would you suggest as a small suitable distro, that can be booted off a Live CD. An old version of something that is small, and bug free is preferable since I know very little about Linux. Appreciate and value your suggestion. Thank You

I'm new to Linux. Thought I'de try Puppy 3, since everyone seems to like Puppy. I downloaded and burned to CD. Tried to boot up with CD and got this message:

isolinux: Disk Error 9C, AX = 4200, Drive 9F

Boot failed: press any key to retry.

I pressed a key and same thing occurred. I'm a little disappointed.

SilentSam 10-09-2007 05:33 PM

I'd recommend checking out DSL or Zenwalk. Zenwalk is a little more full featured, but DSL is an insanely small (50mb) and insanely fast LiveCD.

craigevil 10-09-2007 05:40 PM

Got a little farther than that when I tried to run Puppy in vbox from my Debian system. Managed to get to Unionfs filesystem and it just sits there. Xp, bugnx, tinyme, sidux, lenny all boot with no problems only Puppy refuses. I tried in the last 3 stable release and the new one, none of them would boot in vbox.

jim simon 10-10-2007 12:37 AM

Thanks to both of you. I'll give them a try.

DavidTangye 10-11-2007 08:18 PM

To install Puppy, use what it calls its 'frugal install' method. My post at has details. Essentially you need:

- 4 or 5 files only copied onto your computer, and
- a boot loader, eg grub.

jim simon 10-12-2007 08:36 AM

Thanks David. I was looking for a simple and reliable install that works the first time. Due to my schedule, I don't have the time to begin downloading and installing a series of other downloads. I ask myself, why don't those 4 files and grub and anything else, come with the original download all in one package? If I would have known that I would have had to install a plethora of other things, I wouldn't have downloaded Puppy in the first place. I'm trying to move away from Bill Gates and my opinion is that before Linux puts out a package, it should contain everything in it to make the install work. Or else it's like having another Windows that doesn't work, and needs a bunch of patches and downloads like Vista. Some of us just don't have the time for that downloading and trying this and trying that. I don't think there isn't enough testing of a package before it is put out. And that is not good. It makes a person skeptical when he reads how good a package functions, etc and then later he has to add a bunch of things, etc, to make it work, - - maybe. Thanks again, but I'll think I'll try another distro. Maybe I'll luck out and find one that has been really tested and proven to work and installs and works the first time. I really don't care if it's an older version. Reliability is what counts. I'd rather have an old beat up solid car that I can depend on than a new plastic car with all the lights and bells that is constantly giving problems.

kirkpuppy 10-16-2007 07:10 PM


isolinux: Disk Error 9C, AX = 4200, Drive 9F

Boot failed: press any key to retry.

That's usually the result of a bad burn or corrupted download. Check the md5sum of your download and also check the burn. You might want to burn at a lower speed. Isolinux isn't really part of puppy. It's a boot-loader that loads the kernel. Most liveCD distros use isolinux to boot from CD.

BethIrving 12-05-2007 06:13 AM

I have two versions of Puppy, Puppy 3.01 and TeenPup 2.0.0

TeenPup I downloaded, and Puppy 3 I purchased. Both will run as a Live CD with absolutely no problems. As well, both can be loaded on the Hd or USB thumb drive (pen drive some folks call it).

However, initially I did run into issues burning TeenPup to cd after it was downloaded. It simply wouldn't work and it even goobered up the drive.

I have discovered if I download using LeechGet2006 I will get a perfect download even on .iso files. Then I tried to use ImgBurn to burn .iso files and I just couldn't get it to work properly. Then I loaded Burncdcc (which is a program that only burns .iso) and like magic, everything came together and TeenPup is perfect.

You don't have to save any of the Puppy sessions, and you can use it as a straight Live CD if you want.

LeechGet2006 and Burncdcc are both freeware and both have sites with the downloads.

Keep trying! Puppy is a wonderful Linux program.

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