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samdelcp 05-16-2012 09:25 AM

cant boot macpup 5.2.8 to usb
hy guys i just encounter a problem i have a old system p4 512 mb ram 80 gb hard disk but with no optical drive got xp in it and its giving problem so i instaled puppy linux in usb with the help of universal usb instaler without burning a live cd but when i tried macpup there is no option of it and not in unebootin but in linux usb creator 2.8.12 have option of macpup there any other usb ins
taler for macpup 5.2.8 guys please help me

rokytnji 05-17-2012 11:02 PM

First off. Can bios boot off of usb drive. A lot of older bios's can't boot pendrives.

Second. I am a tester for MacPup. All my usb installs were done downloading the Macpup iso first. Then doing a md5sum check on downloaded iso to check downloaded iso file integrity. Then I used to install my downloaded MacPup iso to the usb drive pre-formatted as fat32 file system.

After booting up my pendrive. I'd connect wirelessly to the internet. Shutdown and make a personal save file of about 512MB. Reboot. Reconnect wireless again and save dhcp settings for next boot.

For my laptops that are old and have usb 1.1 ports and no bios support to boot usb. I made a PLOP boot floppy disk to handle booting usb outside of bios.

samdelcp 05-19-2012 04:22 AM

Thanks rokytnji seeing ur profile i do think u really do enjoy ur life just like me absolute carefree, but to the topic wat i said was i use puppy 5.2.8 sometimes and i burn the iso through universal usb installer software through xp so in it there is no option of macpup and in unebootin too there is puppy linux option but not of macpup so should i select puppy for macpup

rokytnji 05-19-2012 11:44 AM


so in it there is no option of macpup
That is why I said I download the iso first to Windows, Then Md5SUM check the iso. Then point the usb installer to the iso located in Windows file manager.

I emailed runtt21 the developer of MacPup . I mailed him a .tar document to insert in his forum for pendrive installs and how I do them. I could not get my how to to post in his thread at the forum for some reason today is why I emailed that to him. He emailed me and asked me to do this after seeing this thread.

Here it is if you want to use it:

As per request. This is how I make MacPup frugal Flash drives.

I first grab me a 2 to 4 gig flash drive formatted as fat32 file system. Pendrive or SD flash will do for this.
I download my Macpup iso from
I download the md5sum also and run a md5sum check on downloaded MacPup iso to check file integrity. In Windows This will do the job for md5sum check

After I find that everything is correct and md5sum matches ok. I proceed to plug in my USB drive next.
No need to reformat fat32 partition on flash drive. It is the prefered file system I use when making bootable frugal Puppy flash drives in this manner.

In all my testing done for runtt21. My preferred method of usb install is
I have used the Linux version and the Windows version also. It has never failed me on either operating system to make me a bootable Macpup pendrive. The site has how tos to walk you through the install process. Just make sure you point the installer to your usb drive.

I shut down the computer when install to usb is done instead of picking reboot. Just a personal habit. Sometimes I move the pendrive to another computer is why I do this. I boot the pendrive next on the computer making sure I go into bios first and select usb boot on bioses that support it. For 1.1 usb computers that do not have usb boot support in bios. I made me a bootable PLOP floppy disk boot manager.
Since most people reading this don't have a floppy drive. Above link shows how to make a PLOP bootable CD disk instead.

For anyone with a Floppy drive. I used the below page instructions to make my bootable floppy image.

Ok/ I am assuming all went well with you and your flash install and you got it to boot up to a desktop.
Next I connect to internet with Barrys simple network wizard. I always research external wifi devices like pcmcia cards and usb wifi pendrives to make sure I have a compatible wifi chip for my Kernel on any Linux distro I use. There is plenty of documentation on this at

I use wpa2 psk wireless encryption on my home network and Barrys simple network manager and or Dougals Network manager work ok for me connecting up wireless and saving config on next boot (after making a personal save first though in Macpup). You need the personal save file first before any settings and changes are remembered on a frugal install. When I shut down. I make my 1st personal save file 512MB because I do a lot of tweaking on my frugal installs. I make it ext2 file system and I saver it the the usb I run MacPUP off of. After the save file has been made. I reboot. I go through connecting my wireless or wired connection again. Tell dhcp to save config on next boot if using Dougals network Manager. In fact. Anything that pos up and asks me to save on next reboot. I say yes to keep this simple.

I also install grub4dos on my pendrive to have more options for booting on my pendrive instead of using unetbootins bootloader. grub4dos install can be found in MacPups menu.

I leave this post with a couple of extra treats

Above statements are from my compressed text .tar file I made for runtt21 and anyone else needing to use it.

samdelcp 05-20-2012 12:13 AM

Thanks bro for reply so find of u but bro u dont understand the pro wat i saying is, in unebootin windows version when i select distribution there is no option of macpup. What u selected from there and if i select puppy linux in distribution it says latest in select version so should i select puppy linux in distribution. And i have option of usb boot in bios and i do boot puppy lucid from there time to time.

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