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jumpingj 05-18-2011 05:03 AM

wordlist/hex generator without repeating letters.
Hi Guys

I am not very good at programmming thats why i am addressing this question/task to you gentelmens.Spend ages looking around for something like that and only thing that i could find is crunch2.9 password generator but at the moment it does not suport the function that i am looking for.
My aim is to generate :
10-character combinations of the following characters (lowercase) 23456789abcdef with no more then 3 same letters repeates no metter side by side or within one line (sequence) so lets say

abcdef1234 accept
fabcde1234 accept
ffabcd1234 accept
which is probably permutation with repetable string ( where abc is not equeal to cba etc .so ti speak position does metter)

fffabc1234 not acceptable -----(3 same characters)
ffabcf1234 not acceptable -----( 3 same characters event thought not side by side)

so generally we dont want 3 same characters apper in same line ,
Anybody would kindly challenge that (either linux or mac os scripts)
Thanks for any help and sorry for my bad english,hope you know what i'm looking for.

grail 05-18-2011 05:11 AM

And what have you done in accepting the challenge? Generally you will get a better response if you show what you have tried and where you feel
you are stuck? I would also ask, how many are you looking to generate at a time? (ie. 1, 5, 100)

Also, if you search LQ you might find what you are looking for, check this out as an option to play with

jumpingj 05-18-2011 06:05 AM

Thanks grail for your prompt reply.
as i said i am not good at programming and most of those command does not make sense to me plus i am mac os based (can do few simple terminal commands--thats all)Thanks for the link i read it before even post some comments there,and running a clisp script on mac os not an easy task for me either.forgive me if i am asking for too much but i have stuck...
p.s. i am looking for all possible combination/permutation.crunch output is just way to big ,so looking for something to narrow it down

grail 05-18-2011 07:44 AM

Did you look at the awk solution I provided in the link? Should be a fairly simple manipulation to get what you desire.

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