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PhilD 05-03-2004 10:25 AM function problems (web java)
I have a quick question for anyone / everyone that can help. I recently, yesterday, designed a website for a class project. In it I used the following java script to popup predefined windows from links. It worked fine in Mozilla FireFox (used on my linux box). However, when I got to work and tried it with IE6 on WinXP the java script didn’t work. It also doesn’t work with IE5 on Win98. Could someone lend a hand at explaining this? How can I change it to work on all browsers?

Function in head:
function L_details(newURL, high, widt, sc) {
var st = "height="+high+",width="+widt+",
open(newURL, "More Details", st);
// -->

Function call in body:
<a href="javascript:L_details('i_q.html', 450, 400, 0)" class="note">details</a>

Also, I never thought I would see the day when IE really just couldn’t do it. I have always like Linux, but the IE browser always seemed to be more advanced than those available on Linux. You could guess my surprise when my page, which uses sever semi-transparent png files, flopped on IE. I assumed that since FireFox renders the png files with transparency so would IE. Even FireFox running on windows renders the images correctly. I guess I will have to put up with the gray boxes IE replaces the transparency with. Oh, well….. Some day all browsers will render the same…. Wishful Thinking I Know.

Well, any help with the above script would be great!!



PhilD 05-03-2004 04:15 PM

Never mind.... I tracked down the error. The window name, "More Detail", in this case can not have a space in it. I find it odd that FireFox would execute it. Oh well.


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