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The_Nerd 07-12-2004 05:12 PM

Why do you use GLUT?
I am just curious why so many people use GLUT? I see SO many problems with it not only on this board, but all over the net. Not to mention all the problems I have had with it.

Is it just because people don't know about SDL? SDL is easier to use, or just as easy. So why then do so many people use GLUT when it is crap? Please post here the resons you have/are using GLUT in your programs so that my curiosity can be satisfied.

Thanks in advance for your juicy replys!

320mb 07-12-2004 05:47 PM

this is one reason why Commercial Gaming in Linux is headed Nowhere.
some games need glut, some need SDL......
and in some games you have to install "openal" if you want sound.......
and I looked into the racing game "torcs" requires this "plib" crap........blah........we need to find a standard and stick with it, and NOT
have all this extra nonsense!!
Meanwhile in Windows, you pop in the CD, install and play, no having to search the WEB for a bunch of extra garbage........

deiussum 07-13-2004 08:30 AM

Glut is used in the examples in the RedBook, which I think is part of the reason it is so wide-spread. While,I agree that Glut isn't the most flexible of cross-platform windowing systems for OpenGL, it is good for putting together quick little apps for the purpose of testing OpenGL specific code.

There is another cross-platform windowing system called GLFW that is developed by one of the people over at the OpenGL boards. I've only looked at it briefly, but it seems to be a pretty decent API. Likewise, I've only looked at SDL a little too, and it didn't really impress me that much. I haven't looked at either enough to really make an objective opinion, though.

For my own apps, I tend to either use Glut if I'm going to just make a quick little demo that I want to run on Windows or Linux, or I'll use OS specific calls like wgl* and glx*. The last little app I was writing, I actually used OpenGL with Xt widgets, because I wanted to learn a bit more about programming stuff in X w/o a high-level abstraction library.

I use Glut for the quick little demos because it's something I know already, and since I just want to write a quick little demo, I don't take the time to learn SDL or GLFW better. I guess I might be kind of unique, in that I like understanding the lower level APIs, though, and I'm not so interested in learning a bunch of abstraction layers.

I've thought a bit about writing my own cross-platform Windowing library, not so much because we need another, but because then I could have a cross-platform library that would be my own, and it would be a good learning experience.

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