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bahadur 06-07-2006 01:58 AM

Web services in PHP

I have just been assigned a project by my boss in which i have to design web services for our client installations.

The client product installation, an anti virus software, will invoke web services on our web servers and and the web services will respond back.

The web services have to be deployed on Linux machines.

My first recommendation to my boss was Java as Sun has lots of support available for Web services.

But he is reluctant to use Java for this project as all our production systems and our web servers use PHP.

According to him, the use of Java would be introducing a new language in the already huge pool of programming languages being used in the company.

When i had a look at the support PHP has for web services i was not very impressed.

I couldnt find any good resource for making web services in PHP. Although i did find material for making web ser vices clients in PHP.

I need advice to advise my boss plus if there is a good resource on making web services in PHP, i would lilke to know about it.

What PHP modules are available for making PHP web services?

How easy it is to make them as compared to Java and .NET?

PS: I would be making web services and not the clients for web services. the clients are anti virus software made in C++.


graemef 06-07-2006 07:23 AM

Usually the place to look for quality PHP extension is PEAR, take a look to see if any of the web services listed there will help you.

bahadur 06-07-2006 08:03 AM


thanks for the reply.

i wanted to make my own web services.

the page you provided has web services provided by other service providers.

i wanted to know of resources which can help me in making my own services.

dimsh 06-07-2006 08:27 AM

I have searched a little, and found SOAP and REST as web services protocols which relies on HTTP, both could be implemented with PHP.

there are many links in this page:
for web services using PHP.

I do not know any thing before about web services, but it seems very interesting, but needs alot of reading.

consider this page too:

graemef 06-07-2006 08:34 AM

I thought that under web services the items:

13 Services_Webservice Create webservices


15 SOAP SOAP Client/Server for PHP

might of been some help

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