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Henry1989 01-20-2013 06:01 PM

Using arm-elf-gcc to creat a .bin file
I have a c source file, now I want to use arm-elf-gcc to creat a .bin file which can be executed on ARM processor. How can I do this.BTW, what's the relationship between the .bin file and .elf file?

theNbomr 01-21-2013 03:58 PM

What do you want the .bin file to do? Neither of those two filename extensions are commonly used in Linux, although one can imagine that a .elf file is an object module in the elf file format. .bin has no particular meaning that I know of, although it tends to be used somewhat generically to suggest that a file's content is something other than human-readable text.

Typically, executable files are named without any filename extension.

If your C source module includes main() and doesn't reference any libraries not known to the compiler, you should be able to simply add the /path/to/your/cross/compiler to $PATH, and then compile:

arm-elf-gcc -o yourProgramName yourProgramName.c
That should produce yourProgramName in the current working directory.

The above assumes a functional and conventionally built cross toolchain.

--- rod.

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