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LinuxTiro 11-08-2003 11:39 PM

Tutorial on sed & awk
can neone tell where can i find a good online tutotrial on sed and awk.

thanx in anticipation.

slakmagik 11-09-2003 12:34 AM

There's a cool search button in the upper right corner.

stuNNed 11-09-2003 01:39 AM

there is o'reilly's book 'sed & awk' which is way cool and easy to understand.

both of these tools can be very useful and powerful in linux or any unices.

sed is a streamline editor so can replace stuff or change text files on the fly, i hear awk can be a bit more complicated.

vanquisher 11-09-2003 12:43 PM

go for "unix programming environment" by Kernighan and Pike. there is a small chapter on different filters, including sed and awk.

dimdoms 11-10-2003 03:53 AM

might help, there's a good one on grep and regexes there as well.


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