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gozlemci 11-17-2011 08:52 PM

Turkish Character Issue in PHP and MS-SQL
Hi There;
As a hot volunteer of an open source initiative, I feel sorrow using MS-SQL and IIS. I could not convince boss to use mySQL, but anyway I can push PHP on boss.

I have a MS-SQL server and I have Turkish names in my table. User enters names and I send it to SQL server, print result to output. However, my PHP code process and prints text as a UTF-8,and send it to MS-SQL and print it to output.However data in MS-SQL is in Windows(Turkish) format, so there are nothing to return. For example;
when user types "Güray" in html input form, PHP issues a query:
"SELECT * FROM table WHERE name ='Güray' " and sends it to MS-SQL server. Server returns nothing, but I know that there are many entries that name attribute is 'Güray'.
But when name contains purely English characters, such as 'Ali' it works fine.

In addition, when I print result of query returned by MS-SQL via HTML , Turkish character in a string printed in a rectangle.

How can I overcome these two frustrating situations? Any help is greatly appreciated.

(The message is mistakenly doubled. Please do not take into account that message, reply to the message above.)

crabboy 11-18-2011 09:31 PM

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