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haknot 02-08-2002 10:39 PM

Try Python, O'reilly Learning Python
well I'm trying to get their little hello module world example to be executable. have folowed these directions:

create file as follows:
print "Hello, module world"

% chmod +x

according to them, i should now enter at the prompt and it will execute. But instead I get: not found
It's getting late after a long hard week. Perhaps I'm making some silly error. If you can point out such, I'll appreciate it.

Let's see I checked the path to python; it's right. All the other tests and examples worked ok. It's just this one.

acid_kewpie 02-09-2002 04:37 AM

i was sent from high above
this is nothing to do with programming. you should only be using this forum for questions actaully about coding itself.

you're prgram is not on your path. use


haknot 02-09-2002 05:59 AM

What a harsh reply to an innocent question.

Which forum would your advise posting a problem with Python exercises to? Install? Securitaa? Networking possibly?

Nah, sounds like you have issues of your own, possibly delusions of grandeur.

You know, this place used to be good. But it has become just about useless, due to people like you. A person asking an honest question is most likely to be flamed and told to search the archives. You should quit calling it Linux Questions. And for sure you should remove the line "where newbies go for help." It has become a pseudo elitist club.

acid_kewpie 02-09-2002 06:11 AM

sorry, i didn't mean to sound rude. i guess i forgot to use the please word.

it's just that that's a question about Paths and program execution, and not actually relevant to python, even though you're using python. Just recently i've noticed how the programming forum conaints next to nothing but people trying to install the JDK or such like. which i'd think is simply a general question.

and anyway, i told you how to run it, what's the problem? If that's your genuine attitude to this place then your very wrong. In general thou i feel that a little RTFMing is sometimes appropriate.

gui10 02-11-2002 07:57 AM

hm... it's just the way you worded your reply. i was quite taken aback too. it did seem a harmless question. i mean haknot does seem to be a newbie to python and perhaps can't tell whether it is a code problem or a settings problem. and though yes you answered the question, doesn't mean you didn't appear rude. i've made many of these kinds of mistakes before and a kind word, especially from a moderator would be encouraging instead of detrimental. if you're tired of doing the job, perhaps you can approach jeremy for a short break?

that said, haknot:
acid is not a nasty person on this forum, at least fom the many posts i've seen. perhaps it's just a genuine misunderstanding and his/her intention was to help you post in the right place to get a better answer.
don't give up on this forum yet :) i've also been peeved off many a time by people who did not mean it. i nursed my wounded pride for a while and still came back and well, it may not be an ideal place (i wonder where we get the idea ;) ) but it's good enough :)

keymoo 02-15-2002 08:27 AM


IMHO you were rude. Have a little patience. :)

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