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mbacke 04-15-2005 06:06 PM

time functions in a c program
Can anybody help me ? I am a beginner in programming. I need to create a program than enables me to schedule some routine jobs. The problem is that these scheduled jobs do not take place at a fixed time : that is it depend on the time the sun rises, sets and cross the meridiem. So I have the whole year planned, but how to implement that in a c program is my nightmare. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

purefan 04-15-2005 08:47 PM

perhaps this helps:

also you might find this useful:

// example for CTime::CTime
time_t osBinaryTime;  // C run-time time (defined in <time.h>)
time( &osBinaryTime ) ;  // Get the current time from the
                        // operating system.
CTime time1; // Empty CTime. (0 is illegal time value.)
CTime time2 = time1; // Copy constructor.
CTime time3( osBinaryTime );  // CTime from C run-time time
CTime time4( 1999, 3, 19, 22, 15, 0 ); // 10:15PM March 19, 1999

[b]CTIME does not have a base class.[/b}

A CTime object represents an absolute time and date. The CTime class incorporates the ANSI time_t data type and its associated run-time functions, including the ability to convert to and from a Gregorian date and 24-hour time.

you need to

#include <afx.h>
all this I took it from the MSDN and the help-search in VC++6

mbacke 04-18-2005 01:47 PM

Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it. But the problem is that I am using linux development tools (gcc ..), so I wander if the code still works under linux or it is applicable only under MsWindows;
Thank you!

Nad0xFF 04-18-2005 02:42 PM

it is C++. use info libc or man 2 time. There is written very much about time(..) functions

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