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JohanLingen 03-04-2003 12:10 PM

sychronize samba and unix password at user creation
Is there any way to synchronize a unix password and a samba password when I create a user?
I know that smbpasswd synchronizes automatically if settings are right in /etc/samba/srm.conf, but that's not what I mean. That already works.
The problem is that I need to introduce new members at a high rate and it would be greatly appreciated if they do not have to fill in their password _four_ times, but only two times.

The problem is that smbpasswd will not synchronize the unix password if it doesn't already exists. So in my humble opinion, it is not possible to fill in only a password with help of smbpasswd. Of course filling in a password with the commando passwd will not help the user to login on Windows.
setting a temporary unix password and then letting smbpasswd overwrite it also seems impossible, as passwd explicitly wants input from the screen and does not accept any arguments to directly set a users password.

Who will help me out? Thanks in advance.


bleedingpegasus 10-10-2003 07:34 PM

very interesting... have u got the answer yet, or any body know? Can use OpenLDAP to do this?

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