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jinksys 09-23-2003 02:45 PM

Snes Music Library
I would like to create some applications that play
SPC (SuperNintendo Sound Format) files. Does anyone
know of a library that I could use? That only player I know
of for linux are the SPC plugins for XMMS.

Update: Ive found OpenSPC and answered my own do I close/delete this thread?

for anyone who wants the URL:

Strike 09-23-2003 04:00 PM

Just leave it up, people can search on it that way and find their answers without having to start a thread.

lectraplayer 11-11-2003 10:52 PM

Man, I'm having a LOT of trouble with OpenSPC. It's in binary form and I haven't figured that out yet. May be my big dumb self though. :D

jinksys 11-12-2003 05:23 AM

When I mentioned OpenSPC, i meant libopenspc, my mistake.
I'm currently developing SOAP (steve's own audio player), my
first real project. At the moment it will play one song from the command
line. Im almost done with the next release which will allow playlists,
editing of Id666 tags, and creation of WAV files from the songs.
If you wanna give the current beta a try, go to

lectraplayer 11-12-2003 07:00 PM

Hmmmm... I'll have to remember that one. :D

LOUDSilence 11-17-2003 05:48 AM

I would be cool to have a media player that could sort music playlists into genres ;) (like MS Media Player does)

just an idea jinksys

jinksys 11-17-2003 07:45 PM

Well, SPC files have Id666 tags, just like mp3 files have ID3 tags. the only problem is that the Id666 tag doesnt have a genre field, so automatic sorting is out of the question. It could be possible to implement a personalized playlist though, but the user will have to sort the songs out manually first.

LOUDSilence 11-17-2003 08:00 PM

I had to do that everytime I formated my windows system (When I was using windows) It should not be a problem. Will it have themes and play vid?

I will be interested in downloading something like that

jinksys 11-17-2003 09:17 PM

I don't think you understand. My project, SOAP, is a SPC player. SPC files dont contain any video. If you want a media player, for all kinds of media files that is themeable and plays video, try XINE or MPlayer. SOAP is exactly not what you want.

LOUDSilence 11-18-2003 09:25 PM

sorry jinksys, I thought SPC was one format of many in your player.

jinksys 11-19-2003 07:24 PM

The future goal of SOAP is to play many different types of
video game song files. But at the moment I am concentrating
on SPC files, since there is a library available to simplify the coding.
In the future I hope to support many different types of consoles, but
I would have to code the sound CPUs of those chips myself, which is why
Im first supporting SNES. Plus, SNES is my favorite anyway :)
Still, I dont ever plan to support video, since no file that I know about contains video.

lectraplayer 11-21-2003 11:05 PM

Personally, I sort everything by band and CD, each band has a seperate folder and each CD has its own M3U playlist, that when loaded, has only each song from that peticular CD. Sometimes, I may even put each CD in its own folder. From there, I just remember what band is typically what genre and sometimes what song if one is diferent (maybe Getaway Car from Audioslave, Audioslave is an alturnative rock band, but Getaway car is more a blues song.). SOAP appears to be EXACTLY what I want. I just want something to play my game music. if only I could find something for module audio. I have a game that all the music for it is in modules--Screamtracker 3, ImpulseTracker, and FastTracker. That's one of my favorite games too! (really, three games from one series!).

jinksys 11-21-2003 11:50 PM

Tonight, im completely rewriting SOAP's code, and finishing ID666 and Wav output. then i have to start thinking about what other formats im going to support.

lectraplayer 11-23-2003 06:56 PM

ScreamTracker, ImpulseTracker, FastTracker are a few (as UMX's of course, Unreal Music from Unreal, Na Pali, and Unreal Tourney) as one suggestion. Other than that, I'm not sure there are any other music formats out there that are common. I would like to find some music for, like, Metroid Fusion (GameBoy Advance) if you could work that in. :)

jinksys 11-23-2003 07:26 PM

GYM (genesis) , SPC (SNES), NSF (NES) to name a few.

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