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FatalKeystroke 11-10-2010 09:30 AM

Simple Music Library Manager
Hi, I'm working on an mp3 tagging program that is designed to practically GUARANTEE correct metadata (and those who use it still have wrong data, it's their own dumb fault). It REQUIRES certain tags to be filled and allows users to export tag data for all songs by a certain artist or within a certain album. When imported, the data is added to the library "directory"(not as in a filesystem directory) whether the songs exist or not. Then, instead of importing songs in the classical fashion, an mp3 file is associated with a song in the directory and the program imports it into the library and changes the ID3 tags to match those already entered in the directory. In addition, the program also sorts the songs in the library and creates m3u's and adds "cover.jpg" where desired.

It doesn't yet have all of the above and it's only CLI right now (I'm in very early alpha), but it has been coming along very well. So far It's been easier than I expected except that ID3lib's documentation is a little annoying.

Anyways, to my question:

What bits of information should I require to identify songs? Remember, I want the information to be as complete as possible, so anything relevant goes.

So far I've come up with these on my own, but these are just basic things, can anyone suggest anything else I should add?
  • Title
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Track Number
  • Total Tracks
  • Disk Number
  • Total Disks
  • Album Art
  • Composer/s
  • Genre/s
  • Year/Date Released
Any good suggestions will be added to this list for reference.

stress_junkie 11-11-2010 06:18 PM

The year that the album was released would be nice.

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