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niehls 01-30-2003 04:35 PM

second opinion on programming/design/usability
not sure if this is the right forum, but i'll try anyway.
i've been programming an image filesystem to use for my brother's photo gallery, and i want a second opinion on the usability/design/programming in general.
the address is:

and click "gallery".
and please try to ignore the awful banner...
(paying the price for free php/mysql :/ )

seems like the div's are slightly misplaced in opera and mozilla, in ie it works perfectly..strange. well.. i suggest you look at it in IE for the moment. sorry

crabboy 01-30-2003 05:38 PM

Looks good to me. The one thing that I was not fond of, on the page with > 10 thumbs, is having to scroll down after selecting each image to see the thumbs on the bottom. How would you manage when you had a bunch of thumbs in each catagory? Like over 15? Also, lot of thumbs on one page may slow down loading for slower connections.

I wrote something similar for my images and 56k users complained when there were more than 10 thumbs. I solved the problem by adding the ability to page through the thumbs 9 at a time. ( I display 3 rows of 3 ).

niehls 01-30-2003 06:46 PM

thank you. i'll think of that...
constantly working on it, so if someone checks it out and it's not working, it might be because i'm altering something or making updates or whatever. sorry for the inconvenience

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