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mirsoft 05-21-2008 03:58 AM

Restore Window
How to restore the window position and size since the window been maximined
before using Xlib? Is there have an APIs, or I must write this myself? Who can tell me the result?


osor 05-21-2008 11:33 AM

Keeping track of a maximized window’s previous state is the job of a window manager. As such, you will need to interface with your window manager to do this. The most “portable” way is to use the EWMH spec. In particular, you will need to send a _NET_WM_STATE event to the root window, with the window id of the desired window in the event. You will want to specify the _NET_WM_STATE_REMOVE action on the _NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_VERT and _NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_HORZ properties.

Alternatively, you might use a window-manager-specific message (e.g., through dbus or DCOP). While this will probably take up less code, it will also be non-portable.

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