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khandu 08-25-2011 11:24 PM

Query on compiling / installing rsync
Hey Guys

will be doing it one mac but I think its the same way for others. What I am keen on is installing latest rsync with patches in /opt/rsync directory in my mac..

here is what I have understood to d


curl -O
tar -xfvz rsync-3.0.8.tar.gz
curl -O
tar -xvfz rsync-patches-3.0.8.tar.gz
sudo make install

1) How to make it point to install on /opt/rsync
2) How to use rsync-patches??

Any ideas will be great

A.Thyssen 08-26-2011 01:26 AM

1) use configure --prefix /opt/rsync
The main binary will be in /opt/rsync/bin

However rsync itself does not need any libraries, configuration files etc. only a binary and optionally a man page.

as such just build it and move the binary where you want it.

Make sure your dot login profiles includes the path to the rsync binary location at the remote end, or specify the remote ends binary using a --rsync-path option on the rsync command itself.

As for patches, I have never needed to build it myself, so I couldn't tell you off-hand.

knudfl 08-26-2011 02:50 AM

1) tar xvf rsync-3.0.8.tar.gz
2) tar xvf rsync-patches-3.0.8.tar.gz
3) cd rsync-3.0.8/
4) → Applying the 44 patches :
patch -p1 < patches/acls.diff
patch -p1 < patches/xattrs.diff


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