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donnied 02-13-2008 06:49 AM

Python how to simple textview
I am looking to generate one screen( with two columns) or two screens.
I need a text input from raw_data and an output that stays there a list of what has been entered before plus some other output.

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I had originally looked into using Glade to make GTK windows etc. because I had luck with them before but I'm not sure about the object handlers: which ones to use, how to actually enter the data in the text input box, how to fork and pipe inputs outputs.

I know Tk is really popular. I'm thinking about looking into curses.

I guess the easiest question:
I have output p:
print bleah

How to I print "bleah" to a different screen?

Hko 02-13-2008 08:09 AM

Does this help somewhat? (your question is not very clear IMHO)

It uses wxpython (python bindings for wxwidgets) though,.. yet another GUI-framework for python.

donnied 02-14-2008 07:34 PM

What is the simplest way within the program to print output to a text box?

What is the simplest way within a program to generate an input text box and save that information as a variable?

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