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devit 02-10-2004 11:55 AM

Programming environment
I am interested in programming in C/C++ and Java. What tools do you use for development. I personally use KDevelop 3.0 for both C and Java.
Is Slackware 9.1 a suitable distribution for programming?


neilcpp 02-10-2004 12:13 PM

With slackware 9.1 you have the latest Kdevelop (called gideon) and the latest version of emacs 21.3. Basically emacs has everything you need for programming!!

Look at this thread for different views:


lone_nut 02-10-2004 12:15 PM

Personly I use Emacs as a inviroment.
And yes you can use any normal (not those bases on being able to run of a single boot floppy) to do programming in.

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