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Citizen Bleys 01-16-2002 05:19 PM

Programmer/System's Analyst tools
Okay, plz don't kill me for saying good things about a Micros~1 product, but I have lately fallen in love with Visual Studio because it's largely self-documenting--It makes maintaining my code a lot easier.

I've not tried kdevelop in depth, because I've been doing most of my C/C++ programming at school, and my college uses win98 machines (I've tried to persuade them to the light, to no avail), so Visual Studio is the environment I'm accustomed to

Are there any tools out there that automatically document PHP code? I realize that PHP isn't typesafe, so it's not easy to parse code for keywords and develop an object dictionary or a data dictionary, but any little thing helps.

Really--I'm working on a large project written in PHP (using MySQL) by another programmer, and it has NO documentation whatsoever. No PACs, no IPO charts, no structure charts, flow charts, record dictionary, data dictionary, not even any COMMENTS in the code!

To make matters even more confusing, the original programmer is not only largely unavailable to me, but we do not speak the same native language--his native language is French, and mine is English.

So I have a mammoth task ahead of me--The base of the program took a month to create from scratch, and has had a few routines added by 2 other programmers over a year or so, none of which have any documentation at all

I don't care if the documentation tools are for Linux or Windows--If it's for 'doze, I'll just print the PAC, IPO, and structure charts. Unless, of course, there's something like Visual Studio for PHP, in which case I suppose I could work on the project out of 'doze in order to use the PHP IDE.

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