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giridhar 03-01-2005 02:06 PM

problems regarding Xterminal
I am giridhar. I have a programing asignment where I should use ncurses of C language.The problem is that once the terminal is resized or if the terminal size is small at start "ALL THE WINDOWS ARE GETTING DISTORTED".Unable to run further and needs to be exited.
I need solution to set size of terminal at start and not allow to the user to resize after start. Any C programming statements may of greater help.

draxen 03-01-2005 02:36 PM

I don' think you can. Ncurses is a terminal (character mode) display library. Does ^L or ^W help after the screen becomes distorted?
I'd suggest reading up on ncurses, it must have a screen size detection routines. You'd need to re-adjust your screen layout manually after the resize.

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