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elea0612 05-22-2003 04:31 AM

problem with installing phppgadmin
Hi !

I'm new with postgresql.
I try to access posgresql(7.2) database via phpPgAdmin (2.4.2) and I have this message in the login interface
"Wrong username/password. Access denied"
although I can connect in command line and create databases.
I 'm connecting to postgresql with the otpion -i to allow tcp/ip . And I don't see where it could come from.

I ve tried different things in files pg_hba.conf (I put these 2 lines:
local all trust and host all trust)

and in I put these parameters:
$cfgServers[1]['local'] = false;
$cfgServers[1]['host'] = 'localhost';
$cfgServers[1]['port'] = '5432';
$cfgServers[1]['adv_auth'] = true; ( I tried too with false but the result wasnt better)

If you have a solution for me it would be very kind to help me


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