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Old 07-27-2017, 03:07 PM   #1
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Question Problem linking a C script with inline assembly to a ASM file.

Hi, lets get into the problem:
I were compiling my prototype of prototype of a kernel (sounds weird, but it really doesnt matter) and in the instalation I need to link the ASM file to a C file compiled with gcc to get a executable that could be used as kernel.
The problem is that, after implementing a swap to protected mode from real mode, I get this error at linking the kernel.c and loader.asm scripts:

kernel.c:(.text+0x1e1): undefined reference to `gdtr'
I will explain how all process of instalation is and I will put the codes below.
Instalation steps:
1: Compile asm:
nasm -f elf32 loader.asm -o kasm.o
2: Compile .c :
gcc -m32 -ffreestanding -c kernel.c -o kc.o
3: Link both:
ld -m elf_i386 -T linker.ld -o kernel kasm.o kc.o
The complete error output is:
kc.o: In function `k_enter_protected_mode':
kernel.c:(.text+0x1e1): undefined reference to `gdtr'
The code looks like:
 * kernel.c - version 0.0.1
 * This script is under the license of the distributed package, this license
 * can be found in the package itself
 * Script coded by Cristian Simón for the CKA Proyect
 * ----
 * License: GNU GPL v3
 * Coder: Cristian Simón
 * Proyect: CKA 
/* Output defines */
#define BLACK_BGROUND 0X07 /* black background */
#define WHITE_TXT 0x07 /* light gray on black text */
#define GREEN_TXT 0x02 /* light green on black text */
#define RED_TXT 0x04 /* light red on black text*/
#define CYAN_TXT 0x03 /*light cyan on black text */
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <cpuid.h>
void k_clear_screen();
void k_sleep_3sec();
unsigned int k_printf(char *message, unsigned int line, float color);
void k_malloc(size_t sz);
void k_free(void *mem);
/* k_clear_screen : to clear the entire text screen */
void k_clear_screen()
	char *vidmem = (char *) 0xC00B8000;
	unsigned int i=0;
	while(i < (80*25*2))
		vidmem[i]=' ';

/* k_printf : the message and the line # */
unsigned int k_printf(char *message, unsigned int line, float color)
	char *vidmem = (char *) 0xC00B8000;
	unsigned int i=0;


		if(*message=='\n') /* check for a new line */
		} else {


* k_sleep_3sec : to make a simple delay of aprox 3 sec, since is a nasty sleep, 
* duration will vary
* from system to system
void k_sleep_3sec()
	int c = 1, d = 1;
 	for ( c = 1 ; c <= 20000 ; c++ )
    for ( d = 1 ; d <= 20000 ; d++ )
* Malloc and free functions for this kernel
* Maybe change in the future, sure
static unsigned char our_memory[1024 * 1024]; /* reserve 1 MB for malloc */
static size_t next_index = 0;
int k_malloc_err;
void k_malloc(size_t sz)
	void *mem;
	if(sizeof our_memory - next_index < sz){
    	return NULL;
        k_malloc_err = 1;

    mem = &our_memory[next_index];
    next_index += sz;
    return mem;
void k_free(void *mem)
   /* we cheat, and don't free anything. */
/* Schreduler */
* Our schreduler is a RTC (Run to Completion)
* In the future we will add more schredulers or change the type
* but for now this is what we got
int proc_number_count = 0;
void k_schreduler(char *proc_name, unsigned int proc_prior)
	proc_number_count = proc_number_count + 1;
	int proc_number = proc_number_count;
void k_enter_protected_mode()
    __asm__ volatile ("cli;"          
        "lgdt (gdtr);"  
        "mov %eax, cr0;" 
        "or %al, 1;"    
        "mov cr0, %eax;" 
        "jmp 0x8,PModeMain;"
/*main function*/
void k_main() 
	k_printf(" Wellcome to", 0, WHITE_TXT);
	k_printf(" CKA!", 1, GREEN_TXT);
	k_printf("==============>", 2, WHITE_TXT);
	k_printf(" CKA stands for C Kernel with Assembly", 3, WHITE_TXT);
	k_printf(" Version 0.0.1, => based in the job of Debashis Barman", 4, WHITE_TXT);
	k_printf(" Contact => /", 5, WHITE_TXT);
	k_printf("           or in the github repository page", 6, WHITE_TXT);
	/* here start the magic */
	k_printf(" !===> Starting Checkup <===!", 0, WHITE_TXT);
	k_printf(" =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-", 1, WHITE_TXT);
	k_printf("[KernelInfo] Woah! No Kernel Panic for now! Well, lets fix that...", 2, CYAN_TXT);
	k_printf("[Proc1] Checking for k_malloc() and k_free() kernel functions", 3, WHITE_TXT);
	if (k_malloc_err == 1){
		k_printf("[F-ERROR] Unable to use k_malloc, do you have enough memory?", 4, RED_TXT);
			int error_stayer = 1;

	} else{ 
		k_printf("[Proc1] k_malloc and k_free found, resuming boot...", 4, GREEN_TXT);
	k_printf("[KernelInfo] Switched to protected mode successfully", 5, CYAN_TXT);

This was kernel.c

   /* The kernel will live at 3GB + 1MB in the virtual
      address space, which will be mapped to 1MB in the
      physical address space. */
   . = 0xC0100000;

   .text : AT(ADDR(.text) - 0xC0000000) {

   .data ALIGN (0x1000) : AT(ADDR(.data) - 0xC0000000) {

   .bss : AT(ADDR(.bss) - 0xC0000000) {
       _sbss = .;
       _ebss = .;
This was the linker.ld
global _loader                          ; Make entry point visible to linker.
extern k_main                           ; _main is defined elsewhere
; setting up the Multiboot header - see GRUB docs for details
MODULEALIGN equ  1<<0             ; align loaded modules on page boundaries
MEMINFO     equ  1<<1             ; provide memory map
FLAGS       equ  MODULEALIGN | MEMINFO  ; this is the Multiboot 'flag' field
MAGIC       equ    0x1BADB002     ; 'magic number' lets bootloader find the header
CHECKSUM    equ -(MAGIC + FLAGS)  ; checksum required
; This is the virtual base address of kernel space. It must be used to convert virtual
; addresses into physical addresses until paging is enabled. Note that this is not
; the virtual address where the kernel image itself is loaded -- just the amount that must
; be subtracted from a virtual address to get a physical address.
KERNEL_VIRTUAL_BASE equ 0xC0000000                  ; 3GB
KERNEL_PAGE_NUMBER equ (KERNEL_VIRTUAL_BASE >> 22)  ; Page directory index of kernel's 4MB PTE.
section .data
align 0x1000
    ; This page directory entry identity-maps the first 4MB of the 32-bit physical address space.
    ; All bits are clear except the following:
    ; bit 7: PS The kernel page is 4MB.
    ; bit 1: RW The kernel page is read/write.
    ; bit 0: P  The kernel page is present.
    ; This entry must be here -- otherwise the kernel will crash immediately after paging is
    ; enabled because it can't fetch the next instruction! It's ok to unmap this page later.
    dd 0x00000083
    times (KERNEL_PAGE_NUMBER - 1) dd 0                 ; Pages before kernel space.
    ; This page directory entry defines a 4MB page containing the kernel.
    dd 0x00000083
    times (1024 - KERNEL_PAGE_NUMBER - 1) dd 0  ; Pages after the kernel image.
section .text
align 4
    dd MAGIC
    dd FLAGS
; reserve initial kernel stack space -- that's 16k.
STACKSIZE equ 0x4000
; setting up entry point for linker
loader equ (_loader - 0xC0000000)
global loader
    ; NOTE: Until paging is set up, the code must be position-independent and use physical
    ; addresses, not virtual ones!
    mov ecx, (BootPageDirectory - KERNEL_VIRTUAL_BASE)
    mov cr3, ecx                                        ; Load Page Directory Base Register.
    mov ecx, cr4
    or ecx, 0x00000010                          ; Set PSE bit in CR4 to enable 4MB pages.
    mov cr4, ecx
    mov ecx, cr0
    or ecx, 0x80000000                          ; Set PG bit in CR0 to enable paging.
    mov cr0, ecx
    ; Start fetching instructions in kernel space.
    ; Since eip at this point holds the physical address of this command (approximately 0x00100000)
    ; we need to do a long jump to the correct virtual address of StartInHigherHalf which is
    ; approximately 0xC0100000.
    lea ecx, [StartInHigherHalf]
    jmp ecx                                                     ; NOTE: Must be absolute jump!
    ; Unmap the identity-mapped first 4MB of physical address space. It should not be needed
    ; anymore.
    mov dword [BootPageDirectory], 0
    invlpg [0]
    ; NOTE: From now on, paging should be enabled. The first 4MB of physical address space is
    ; mapped starting at KERNEL_VIRTUAL_BASE. Everything is linked to this address, so no more
    ; position-independent code or funny business with virtual-to-physical address translation
    ; should be necessary. We now have a higher-half kernel.
    mov esp, stack+STACKSIZE           ; set up the stack
    push eax                           ; pass Multiboot magic number
    ; pass Multiboot info structure -- WARNING: This is a physical address and may not be
    ; in the first 4MB!
    push ebx
    call  k_main                 ; call kernel proper
    hlt                          ; halt machine should kernel return
section .bss
align 32
    resb STACKSIZE      ; reserve 16k stack on a uint64_t boundary
This was loader.asm
I tried to solve this transforming the ASM block in an advanced ASM block And parsing gdtr as an argument but I dont understand this last method
How can I solve the error? Thanks in advance!

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Maybe it should be %gdtr as it is a register.
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Originally Posted by NevemTeve View Post
Maybe it should be %gdtr as it is a register.
Doing this leaves more errors:
Doing what you sugested will change the block from the original to:
void k_enter_protected_mode()
    __asm__ volatile ("cli;"          
        "lgdt (%gdtr);"  
        "mov %eax, cr0;" 
        "or %al, 1;"    
        "mov cr0, %eax;" 
        "jmp 0x8,PModeMain;"
And at compiling in gcc i get this errors:
kernel.c: Assembler messages:
kernel.c:118: Error: bad expression
kernel.c:118: Error: found 'g', expected: ')'
kernel.c:118: Error: junk `gdtr)' after expression
Old 07-28-2017, 02:35 PM   #4
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AFAICT, the argument to lgdt is a memory address, not a register.
To load the GDTR, the instruction LGDT is used:

lgdt [gdtr]
Where gdtr is a pointer to 6 bytes of memory containing the desired GDTR value. Note that to complete the process of loading a new GDT, the segment registers need to be reloaded.
So you need to define gdtr to point to some memory.
Old 08-09-2017, 10:35 AM   #5
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That inline asm looks very odd.

The prefixes are mandatory:

/* Note it's %%eax, instead of %eax in C source files. */

(%%eax) is a pointer.
%%eax is a register.
$1 is an immediate value.

At the end of the block you have:

: /* Outputs */
: /* Inputs */
: /* Clobbered registers */

Maybe check the GCC manual.

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I cannot compile this kernel.c:
$ gcc -m32 -ffreestanding -c kernel.c -o kc.o
kernel.c: In function ‘k_malloc’:
kernel.c:91:16: warning: ‘return’ with a value, in function returning void
         return NULL;
kernel.c:87:6: note: declared here
 void k_malloc(size_t sz)
kernel.c:97:12: warning: ‘return’ with a value, in function returning void
     return mem;
kernel.c:87:6: note: declared here
 void k_malloc(size_t sz)
kernel.c: Assembler messages:
kernel.c:118: Error: too many memory references for `jmp'
which gcc did you try?

gdtr is not defined at all, so undefined reference is ok.

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assembly, compiling, error, gcc, linker

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