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mbalkan 11-12-2009 12:15 PM

Posix Message queue, mq_receive process conflict
Hello all,

I have a problem with my message queue system...

I used to use system V type mq system but then I figured out that posix mq system was existed and was indeed much more efficient..

So my question is this, while I was using System V type message queue I was receiving messages like that;


MessageBuffer* m_message = malloc(sizeof(MessageBuffer));
int RECEIVER = 2;

(...) unrelevant preperations
msgrcv(mq_id, m_message, sizeof(MessageBuffer) - sizeof(long), RECEIVER, 0);

in here RECEIVER is my process's mq code, no other processes but RECEIVER receives messages from queue which tagged with type = RECEIVER..

but at posix message queues no such message flags exists, for example at mq_receive:


mq_receive(mq_id, (char*)m_message, sizeof(MessageBuffer),0);

Sometimes even sender process receives messages more quickly than target process so messaging fails.

How can I distinguish those different processes from each other on a linux system? Any idea?


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