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FirstBorn 11-11-2008 03:02 PM

Podcasting PHP Scripts / MP3 Files / RSS, etc. ...

Thank you for reading.

I am attempting to set up odcast scripts
on My webserver...
(actually, 2, but will explain further later
in this Q.)

First, I attempted to set this script up:

Great Script, however; it doesn't seem to find the MP3 files
in the samples directory used for the PodCast / rss feed ...
Here is the link to this script:
There are 25 MP3 files in the directory that it is
SUPPOSED to detect...

The Next Script (mentioned above) is Podcast Generator
found here:

Great Script, it Works after setting up, However,
it only adds 10 MP3 files to the rss feed, and I
currently have 25 that needs to be displayed
(and Growing!)
Yes, I edited the config.php file to use 25 (or more)
but it didn't work...

So, What I need is to have a script that has NO Limitations
as to how many MP3 files are listed,
something that is compatable with Podcasting / Itunes / etc...
has something 'point and click' to update the .xml file,
and something to label and update the
Title / Author / Description of each MP3 file and
have it displayed on the .xml file...

Any Ideas?

Thank you VERY Much for your help!


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