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Jkwalton 10-29-2006 10:08 PM

PHP question using obieINBOX
Newbie here. I'm not a PHP programmer. I found a free script from (I was going to post the URL, but I can't because I'm new - You can find it by searching for ObieINBOX, its at

It is a virtual mailbox, which will work perfectly for my purposes. I do not want a formmail script because of security reasons.

In the downloaded instructions they say to get this code and place it somewhere. I can see where the code gets generated by the program, and I can grab the code, but I don't understand where this code is to be placed. It says to paste the code to any *.PHP webpage. This is where I am lost.

I am hoping this code will then cause the program to send to my real email address an alert that I have email on the virtual inbox.

I did change the directory name from obieINBOX and the code is generating the proper directory. Everything is working except that it does not notify me when I have mail in the virtual inbox.

Can anyone enlighten me. Here are the instructions. -- Thanks

3.b. Installing "New emails alert" module for obieINBOX

0 . Open "mail_alert.php" and edit your own configurations.

1 . Upload only the file "mailalert.php" into any directory on your server. Note: Please do not rename this file.

2 . Go to "mailalert.php?action=code" for the code that will be include in any webpage

For example of code
Do not include it to your page, the correct code will generated by the link mailalert.php?action=code

include "PATH_TO/mail_alert.php";<br>

==>Paste code to any *.PHP webpage. Remember the server path PATH_TO.

j-ray 10-30-2006 04:29 AM

as far as i understand that you should put
include "PATH_TO/mail_alert.php";
into one of your html documents that create your page. You have to rename the document and give it a ".php" extension to get parsed by the php parser. The $path_to_obieinbox and "PATH_TO/mail_alert.php" should be relative to the index-document of your site. If php is running on the server and you set the paths correctly, php should include and invoke the corresponding scripts.

Would be easier to use a formmail.php if you just want to process a form though.

Mind to erase the "<br>" tag as it will cause a fatal error in php.

Jkwalton 10-30-2006 04:22 PM

Thanks j-ray. That fixed the problem. Unfortunately it wasn't what I thought it would be. ;-( I thought it would send an email message to my real email account to let me know there was a message on the virtual email.

So now I am looking into setting up email notification when the db has a change. This is also new to me, but when I saw it on my FTP software I was excited and thought that would be a good solution. I'm contacting the forum at Ipswitch WS-FTP Pro. I tried getting an answer from my host provider, talked to 3 different reps, but they really didn't know much about the product. I am using a shared SSL, so I'm thinking that is the reason I'm having a problem now with email notification. I get an error - 550 must be authenticated.

Jkwalton 11-02-2006 05:03 PM

I am getting so frustrated. I can get this script to work on my test, but when I change to using shared SSL I find an error message. So I need to figure this out. When I log in to the virtual email box I get an error message, but I know what is wrong, it is not resolving to the correct path. It shows the beginning of the SSL path, but skips the domain name and the next part of the path is the correct subdirectory. I have tried several different things and nothing is working.

I also thought I should look at the test form that came with the script. When I add my own html form, it does not spit out the answers keyed into those fields. I am using Dreamweaver MX 2004, is there a way to translate the html form to php. Saving it to php file didn't seem to work, so there must be more to it. Sorry to sound so stupid. I just need a little help to find out where to look for some answers without having to start from scratch. I will learn php in the future, just don't have the time right now. I would really like to use this virtual email with SSL if I can.

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