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Kayaker 04-20-2003 07:25 PM

php ide with "break" and "trace"

years ago, i used borland's c++ ide and loved the "break" and "trace" functions provided by the ide. it made debugging sooo much easier!

now that i work on php, apache, and postgres - all are great software but debugging (we all do, don't we?!)is a pain. many times i have to resort to look at http environment variables such as get, post, session,... sometimes i even had to cook up some variables and place them before and after the "suspected codes". isn't there a better way?

yes, i tried bluefish and quanta and they are great as editor. but i have yet to discover the 'break" and "trace" abilities of them. the ide of borland's c++ allows you to set "break points" and your program will run from the begining - even thru function calls and "stop" at break points and then you can "trace" line by line and look at the values of the variables while you are "tracing" the program.

i would greatly appreciate to find such kind of ide for apache-php-postgres (i will take apache-php-mysql, if that is my only option).

thanks a million.


lackluster 04-23-2003 11:46 AM

Things get a little trickier when debugging interpreted languages (though in theory it's much easier). Futhermore you're talking about stepping through a remote process (yes, even though apache is on your own machine) which is not impossible, but how are you going to accomplish this?

On windows at work (would I use it at home?) I have this editor called PerlIDE which allows debugging of Perl complete with breakpoints & the whole shebang#! Of course this dosen't help you, but these things do exist somewhere. Why not tweak these IDEs to do this? It'll give you a good project to get rid of the free time on your hands. By the time you finish you won't remember why you did it to begin with ;). I know this post was completly worthless to you, but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless.

nakkaya 04-23-2003 06:18 PM

they have a zend ide its greate and it has a debugging tool inside of it maybe you try it.
and also phped has debug capabilities

macewan 04-25-2003 03:52 PM

seems that i read somewhere that eclipse had a phpide - phpeclipse or some such thing

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