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eantoranz 05-16-2012 04:09 PM

Phonegap / Dojo - Problems with animation

I'm taking a look at this sample to implement animation in a phonegap application:

It works by the way. However, on the page I'm loading there's <script></script> stuff that won't work when setting div's innerHTML stuff. How can it be forced to work? By the way, some of the stuff in the <script> is to be executed "statically" in the html (in order to use dojo and given that I was going to set div's innerHTML, I stripped the html,head,body stuff from the page that is to be included in the div).

The other approach I tried was to use am <iframe> inside the div and change the src of the iframe. This approach works but then I hit a wall when I try to call (from the page included in the iframe) the method from the main html file (the one that holds the containers) to switch the view to another page. I try something like this:


But then phonegap says that callSwitchingMethod is not defined (apparently) in the parent document.

So.... what's the right approach and the right hack to get this done?

Thanks in advance.

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