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ninadb 09-23-2004 02:52 AM

personal diary software

I have been using linux since 2000 and everytime i use it I learn something new. I am new to programming with really basic knowledge in c programming.

Recently I posted a query for some diary software in Linux andI got some 2/3 replies which were not really satsifactory.

I have decided to program the same myself. This program would not have any deadlines as I will do it when time permits. It should be a learning exp for me.

The basic requirements of this program would be
1. A easy to use gui with day/ date nd time where i will enter my day to day happenings etc and this data will be saved for future reading.

other features can be added as and when required.

How do I proceed ?

Please assume I have really basic programming skills and I am ready to learn

itsme86 09-23-2004 03:00 AM

Personally, I'd think something like this would be ideal for a web application so even if you're out of town you can still access your diary. You can do CGI programming in C since you already know it, but if you're doing this project to learn you might want to look into PHP with a MySQL backend or something. I've never gotten into that stuff myself, but that's the feeling I get :)

Some GUI APIs out there, if you'd rather not do the web thing, are GTK+ and QT. GTK+ is more geared toward C and QT is more geared toward C++, from what I understand. Does that kind of get you started?

AnanthaP 09-24-2004 07:49 PM

Lots of free diary software around on windoze - some with data coming from access, at least one from cookies (using javascript) and possibly a few from text files. The second is OK for a single machine, and the last can be easily ported to PHP. All you gotta do is honour the creator's efforts by keeping the credits.

Two places I visit:,

And yes, most are browser based.

In addition, wouldn't your favourite GUI (in Linux) have such tools? - I use command line interface myself and so can't comment on it.

If you can do it, it would be a contribution to enhancing Linux use among end users.


AnanthaP 09-24-2004 09:41 PM

OOPS. The URL referred to above should be "".


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