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j-ray 02-03-2003 02:28 PM

perl reading pdf,ps,txt
i have a question i dont know where to post. but it's related to a perl programm i'm writing and so here it is:
i'm making a gateway that reads out some pop3 servers and converts the emails to fax. the program converts everything in the mail that can be converted to either pdf, postscript or text. but i need to find out how many pages the fax will consist of if the paper size is set to DIN A4 (a little bit bigger than american business letter). all i found yet is a program for windows that reads out the length of postscript files.but nothing for linux.
so i guess i need to find out how these formats work myself and try write it in perl or c. has anybody heard of sth that might help me? would be great if u let me know.
thanks a lot!
cheers, jens

..btw found sth interesting regarding to pdf (PDF-API2) at guess this might solve the first problem but the postscript concern remains...

mire 02-04-2003 11:49 AM

well cpan has solutions for both pdf and postscript. I guess you should dig some more on cpan.

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