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amboxer21 03-23-2013 08:46 AM

Perl question regaurding authenticating facebook. Missing session key
A few days ago I decided to pick Perl back up and have another crack at the Facebook API. I am having trouble finding documentation that is elaborate enough for me to comprehend. Which I have come up with nothing so far. There is a great Perl module on cpan but the doc is kind of ambiguous imo. There are not many example that I can follow. Most of the code, doc, and/or examples pertain to Javascript or Java. Maybe someone here who has worked with Facebook's API or is able to figure it out, could help me out. I would greatly appreciate it!

Here is the code


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

use URI;
use CGI::Simple;
use Data::Dumper;
use WWW::Facebook::API;

my $app_id = 'My app id';
my $app_secret = 'My app secret';

my $query = CGI::Simple->new;

my $fb = WWW::Facebook::API->new(
        desktop                => 1,
        api_key                => $app_id,
        secret                => $app_secret,

#my $query  = CGI::Simple->new;
#my $params = $query->param('auth_token');

my $access_token = $fb->auth->create_token;
#$fb->auth->get_session( $access_token );

        if ( $query->param('auth_token') ) {
        $fb->auth->get_session;( $query->param('auth_token') );

my $sleep      = 15;
my $browser_cmd = 'chromium-browser';
#my $login_url  = '';
my $login_url = '';
#my $browser_cmd = '/opt/google/chrome/chrome';

#$fb->auth->login( sleep => $sleep , browser => $browser_cmd );
system qq($browser_cmd "$login_url");

my $friends = $fb->friends->get;
print Dumper $friends;

The REST call for authentication gives no errors. It's during the get friends call where I am recieving erros. Saying i am missing a session key.


Error during REST friends.get call:
params =
        api_key:hiding value for this post
        call_id:hiding value for this post.64725
response =
{"error_code":102,"error_msg":"parameters uid or session key required","request_args":[{"key":"api_key","value":"hiding value for this post"},{"key":"call_id","value":"hiding value for this post"},{"key":"format","value":"JSON"},{"key":"method","value":"facebook.friends.get"},{"key":"session_key","value":""},{"key":"v","value":"1.0"},{"key":"sig","value":"hiding value for this post"}]}

Snark1994 03-28-2013 05:47 AM

I don't know much about the FB API (or perl for that matter) but I think you've got an extraneous semi-colon on your "get_session" line:


if ( $query->param('auth_token') ) {
    $fb->auth->get_session;( $query->param('auth_token') );

Does removing it fix the problem?

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